Supporting leaders & changemakers
to step into their power & confidence
without sacrificing their authenticity or well-being.

Are you ready?

It’s time to face the dragons that hide your deepest treasures so you can step into your authenticity and wholeness to call forth your deepest potential and make your greatest contribution to the world.

Be You

Define Your Own Leadership & Success

We learn how to be successful, accepted and belong by mimicking our family and friends. The cost, the sacrifice of our very selves. You’ll call home aspects of who you are, your truths and desires to show up fully as you.

Come to know yourself as a leader and how you want to lead. Define your own success in the context of your whole life, well-being, relationships and all that you hold dear.

Power & Love

As Martin Luther King said,”Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.” Learn to be both powerful and loving, to balance becoming and belonging.

Engage the Whole of You

Experience the positive power of your emotions, senses, and imagination at work and in your life to turn these stigmas into strengths.

Ways of Working Together

One-on-One Coaching

Coach on Demand

Coaching Programs

For driven & visionary leaders who desire to live on purpose and make their greatest contribution to the world.

For small teams and previous coaching clients, coaching on demand provides support for your high-potential leaders and critical teams to help them think strategically, manage stress, increase well-being, and explore paths of best action.

Unfold Your Own Myth is an intimate journey through your fears & doubts to embrace the calling of your soul. It’s for those who crave an authentic and purposeful life, a truer life.

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I’m Kim-Elisha.
Leadership coach, teacher and writer.

I’m passionate about supporting driven, visionary leaders and change makers to make their greatest contribution to the world. I work with leaders like you to cultivate greater self-awareness, to listen to your own knowing, release limitations and face your fears so that you can fully embrace your personal power to build a passionate, sustainable and purposeful life.