We are more successful than ever. We have more opportunities than ever before. Yet with leadership comes responsibility and we are over scheduled and exhausted. There is never enough time. Technology allows us to connect with more people, yet we feel alone and isolated. All of this leaves us feeling disconnected and dis-enchanted. We question our leadership and how we will ever impact the world the way we desire.

Under the chaotic and dangerous surf of our lives,
there in the deep
lies a quiet stillness, a knowing, a call.
A question, a longing, a desire for something else.

We are at a crossroads.

It’s time. Time to take the bolder path and become a leader this world needs. Time to follow the quiet call of your soul downward into yourself where your unique gift is waiting. To discover the source of your power, your becoming and belonging to this world to be an authentic leader who accomplishes your dreams.

Are you ready?


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Leadership Coaching

Unfold Your Own Myth is an intimate journey through your fears and doubts to embrace the calling of your soul. It’s for those who crave an authentic and purposeful life, a simpler life, a truer life. Those who yearn to live each day deeply connected to their own passion, and serving others with their divine gifts.

Leadership Coaching for driven & visionary leaders who desire to live on purpose and share their greatest gifts with the world.

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I’m Kim-Elisha Proctor, a leadership coach, teacher and writer.

As a facilitator of leadership development and social transformation, I’m passionate about supporting leaders in embracing their one wild & precious life to lead authentically. Watching daily as they face the dragons that guard their deepest treaures, to en-soul their gifts, and take their place as authentic & fierce leaders. This is the medicine our world needs.